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Growing Responsibly
Growing Responsibly


Kevro believes that with success comes responsibility and, as the pioneer of the industry, is committed to leading by example and setting benchmarks that others are inspired to match.

Kevro has a zero-tolerance approach to moral, ethical and legal transgressions, and to ensure that the company achieves its goals without compromise, Kevro adheres to a rigid governance structure and has established a Social and Ethics Committee, a Risk and Compliance Committee and the use of PWC as external auditors.

Kevro plays its part in building a better and brighter South Africa by investing in its people and by donating to charities in its local communities.

Kevro is passionately committed to upholding human rights which has always shaped how the company trades with its suppliers around the world. Kevro builds strong relationships with key suppliers and works closely with each supplier to ensure that ethical trading is upheld. Kevro controls the development and manufacturing of all its products. Kevro’s supplier and manufacturing networks extend throughout the globe with a recent focus on local and African sourcing and production.

Kevro is committed to growing its business based on shared values and common principles that clearly assert its ethical standards and accountability:

  • A strong sense of responsibility and commitment
  • The pursuit of excellence
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Sharing of ideas
  • Effective and open communication
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